Everything is energy, everything began with the verb, and everything is vibration. Life is presented in colors, some are absorbed while others are emitted and this is the secret of life that we must pay attention to in our days.


Photosynthesis is the beginning of biological life and shows that all life is due to LIGHT and water. If the human organism does not make photosynthesis it weakens and sickens. This photosynthesis is made by melanin that is in the whole body, especially the skin and eyes. Chlorophyll is what makes photosynthesis in plants and its chemical composition is practically the same as hemoglobin, only has magnesium in the center instead of iron in human blood.

Inside the human body we are light as well as water, liquid crystal runs through our veins and is full of Biophotons. Everything we need to heal and have abundant energy, is more LIGHT inside the body. Melanin separates the oxygen from the hydrogen inside the body and gives energy and vitality. We just need more light inside the body to keep it healthy and vital.


The meridians of the bodyare paths of light and colors that make a bioelectric circuit to raise or lower energy in the organs, as their balance is constantly regulated. They are complementary colors, inverse waves that regulate, cancel or balance all the chemistry of the body. VOICE and Self-Treat BioElectricity circuit)


Without colors there is no life and colors are emotions. Without emotions, we dry, wrinkle and age. To see more intensity of colors, is to have more light, is to evolve and rejuvenate. This research was carried out by Marysol in 1993 when the 8 trigrams of I-Ching were related to colors, giving some different colors to the 5 elements, not taking into account black and white, and from there to the 12 meridians. In the I-Ching only the great Yang is mentioned as golden or yellow and the great YIN as purple or violet, hence from this the circle of some colors becoming others. The relationship is perfect taking it to the meridians of acupuncture, since the complementary colors oppose in the body, from the big toe to the thumb of the hand, from violet to lemon yellow, red to blue from the little finger to the small of the foot and like this follows all others. This research can be found at

Everything is a pendular action, a Yin Yang a full and empty cosmic breathing, of giving and receiving, of absorbed colors and reflected colors, everything is shown as the photosynthesis of life. When an object is incandescent gIves out light and that light when looking through a spectroscope tells us what is chemically composed. So everything in the universe is light and light is biochemistry.


Within the body the BioFotons  give sparks when they are in disharmony due to some energy problem or ailment. Light and crystal make them coherent with their environment and harmonize, leading to well-being and helping all the symptoms and effects of disharmony and disease.

Bioluminescence Dr. Fritz Popp discovers BioPhotons with a Ultraviolet camera, this is a thermographic photo no UV

The plasma is contained in coherence with magnets and these help to introduce the light of the plasma, electrified gas into the body, cold fire, in the same way that our aura is maintained with us by our magnetism. Plasma usually helps the glands more than the laser.

We do not treat diseases, we treat energy imbalances, that cause diseases later. We have not studied diseases like the current medicine that classified them. But our research has been oriented to know how to heal, to help from this new perspective and above all to treat each individual differently. This is what doctors did in ancient times, adjusted by medical astrology and alchemy. Rather we would say that we are alchemists of light in all its physical, metaphysical and psychic senses.

Other modalities of laser treatments that are already legalized in the USA is LLLT Low Level Laser Therapy. But none uses the laser with the elements that make Phase Conjugation like special crystals, plasma and magnets. This opens a new dimension and new frontiers to these new bio-technologies.

Dr. Tim Ewer trabajo con laser en iptus y problemas vasculares cerebrales

It is real that light is biochemistry and that sound is what moves and massages the forms by resonance. Since the biosonicFFT software for the spectral analysis of the voice came out in 2000, created by Marysol much more has been discovered, for example; with our voice we move and give energy to the organs of the body since the size of the waves of our voice are the same size as the organs and structures of the body. The software for researchers is at and the software and App for mobiles for the general public is almost ready and its description of 6 different modules is at and the software and App for mobiles for the general public is almost ready and its description of 6 different modules is at

There have been many years of research in this field of light and sound and the bio-electric universe by both creators on their own. Together they were many hours of elaboration by the artist inventor, creator of instruments for consciousness Marysol González Sterling, /  together with the scientific Tesla electrical engineer, physicist and biologist Elizabeth Donavan phd. Along with the collaboration of Dr.Tim Ewer  especialista en medicina energética, desde Nueva Zelanda. medicina energética e Integrativa, trabaja con muchas especialidades revolucionarisa como  SonoPhoto Dynamic Therapy en tratamientos para el cancer en Nueva Zelanda.

Inspired by inventions of the past that were banned in their time by economic interests, we have recovered the technology of Antoine Priore and Nikola Tesla in medicine through the great Colonel Thomas Bearden who compiled and completed the work of these great visionaries for the technology of the future.

We propose the use of instruments with coherent laser LIGHT through special crystals. Everything in the future will be crystallization of minerals, which offer different properties. The lasers we use are moderate in power between 20 milliwatts to 100 milliwatts and the crystal diffuses it, while making coherence again, presenting a luminescent light that is noticeable by a sizzle that expresses Phase Conjugation, which regenerates energetically the cells. It is a light that dazzles a bit the people who suffer from photophobia, but we usually cover it so that it goes directly to the body without ambient light. Dr. Fritz Popp opened up this world of light within the body.

The Mitochondria collects light and emits light, it is known that the red laser has been tested in many clinical studies, knowing of surprising effects in many types of pathologies, including Brain Traumas TBI and Dr.Tim Ewer is specialized in this, also SPDT SonoPhoto Dynamic Therapy for cancer.




Phase conjugation is a new concept of the physicist Bohr that is explained most of all in optics with lasers. The ray is not seen until it touches matter because it is coherent and returns by the same place that arrived, eliminating itself. That is why lasers are used to travel through time and return to the past. In physics, it is said that if we go into the future we will go into entropy and disorganization, while going back to the past we will go to coherence and organization. Analogically, we would say that we return the cells to an earlier state of health and regeneration. In the recent past several ways of doing Phase Conjugation have been demonstrated, one is the LIGHT of the Plasma with magnets (by Anton Priore 1970s) and another one is made with special crystals of metals that grow in a furnace with the coherent light of the lasers, according to Tom Bearden and his advances of Nikola Tesla's legacy. We are looking to reverse the imbalances to a previous state, to regenerate. It is known that lizards regrow their tails when changing bioelectric polarity and that is what we try to achieve little by little.


Con una espejo Conjugador de Fase no vemos la imagen reflejada al revés, la devuelve como es realmente. Es Tiempo Invertido, corrige los errores del tiempo, del envejecimiento

On the other hand with plasma; the evolutionary fire, when surrounding it with magnets is energized, since the plasma is always organized with magnetism, just as our aura around us is plasma subject by our own magnetism. If not it is frayed and without structure, as it is the magnetism that organizes it. Plasma is also like a sensitive speaker and responds to personalized frequencies from our voice. Each voice is unique and has different tones, frequencies and emotional chords.


When we talk about nanometers it is the minimum measurement of space, (it is also called wavelength- a measure of length that is equivalent to one billionth of a meter) and the less it is the smaller the wave, the faster it vibrates, that would be in cycles per second called Hertz that go fastest called Terahertz (Hertz, unit of frequency of all vibratory movement, expressed in cycles per second)) RED 650 nanometers and 461 Terahertz, YELLOW are 580 nanometers and 517 Terahertz, GREEN 532 nanometers and 563 Terahertz, BLUE 480 nanometers and 625 Terahertz, VIOLET 405 nanometers and 740 Terahertz. As you can see, as the wave is smaller (nm) it vibrates faster (Thz).

Nanometers is the measure of Space. Hertz or movement of cycles per second are the measure of Time.



THE LADDER OF LIFE are the lines of absorption and emission that scientists use in colors. Discovered in the rainbow spectrum by Fraunhofer and recognizes all the chemistry of the elements. With the light of a planet and of anything incandescent we recognize its chemical composition. Colors and light is biochemestry.



The complete octave of the visible light is a Marysol discovery, which coincides with the inventors of the LIFI, (internet by Led bulbs). To relate from sound to light it is done by multiples of 2 and so it goes up through all the octaves from C to B and the next octave is another C. There should not be gaps in frequencies and there are, unless it is corrected. Therefore only adding 5 nanometers not only are there no gaps between octaves, but it also comes out as whole numbers. This happens with what current science says that visible light is 380 to 750 nanometers, so there is missing 5 nanometers to what the official science says. For example, to see the green color we have 563 and 12 more numbers, they are called Terahertz and it is impossible that in those long numbers there are exactly 12 zeros, this is what was achieved in this study. To have a full octave, 5 nanometers have to be added on the violet side since the rainbow shows luminosity without almost distinguishing the color, it would be the magenta color that is before the invisible ultraviolet. Then all octaves fit together and the octave of visible light comes out with 15-digit integers with 14 zeros. The range of visible light ranges from 400 to 800 and 12 more zeros are called Terahertz, is the fastest movement of the cells of the eyes that allow you to see the colors.
ReDiscovering the magic of LIGHT


This theory is in ,
and there is another page to make calculations of nanometers to hertz and vice versa, in addition to showing the differences of the colors and the complete octave of 12 perfect colors of 800 to 400 Terahertz corresponding to 375 to 750 nanometers. The 12 colors are like 7 musical notes with their intermediates. Thus it is demonstrated that this scale that Marysol calls Spectral Scale rises making perfect the mitosis of the cells from 8 to 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 etc .... Add 5 more hertz to the center octave of the piano and the center of the A is 445 Hz. It does not matter if the musicians want to use it or not, this is the biological musical scale that relates the colors with the musical notes. Take into account that there are 7 orbits in each atom and the colors happen as traces of the quantum jump of an electron from one orbit to another.



Marysol González Sterling

Artist, researcher of Sound and light. Founder of the Asotiations Planet Art Network 1984, Sacro Cranial Osteopathy 1994 and Fundation SOLiris 2009

Elizabeth Donavan

Electrical engineer, Physicist, Biologist and EMT & LPN from Chicago USA. Specializes in Tesla and Priore technology